The BouMatic Philosophy

From its humble beginnings to the industry leader it is today, BouMatic has held true to a set of fundamental, yet significant beliefs.

  • A concern for the health of the animal.
  • A dedication to scientific research.
  • A regard for milk producer profitability.

These beliefs reinforce the philosophy established by the founders of BouMatic. This philosophy can be summed up in one simple statement called "The BouMatic Principle."

"The milking machine should remove the available
milk from the cow's udder gently, completely and quickly."

The BouMatic Philosophy Reaches Around the World

BouMatic is a major international player with products ranging from bulk cooling tanks to automated milking systems; from a full line of sanitation and route service products to integrated computerized management

Yes, BouMatic is known the world over for its innovation, quality, and commitment to dairy excellence. But what does this mean to the dairy producer? It means that at every level, in everything we do -- no matter where we do it -- at BouMatic, we're working for you.