A. & D. Losser

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GAEC Losser, 67600 Mussig, France

Herd size: 110

Installation: 20/24 - 3220 detachers, ID, Provantage 2050, 120 red tags feeding, 3 stations / 2 feeds


Performance since installation:

"We now milk 850,000 litres per year, yield has increased on average by 1000 litres per cow and feed has decreased saving €20,000 per year. Milk quality is much better with higher fat and protein levels.

After nine years using a 3-stall robot system the herd average milk yield had remained at 9000 litres per cow. We needed to expand and optimise milk production to take on a further 400,000 litres of quota so we decided to invest in a new BouMatic Xpedia Rotary."