Arjan Berendsen

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Westendorpseweg, 19, NL-7025 EB Halle

High Throughput with Gentle Milking

The Holstein dairy herd of 120 animals with an average milk yield of 9500 kg is gradually being expanded.

Arjan Berendsen farm owner was interviewed and gave the following comments:

“Our old parlour was over 30 years old and because we were expanding the old system was just not large enough anymore. Milking was taking far too much time. As family farm we wanted to keep the operation using our own labour but we needed milking to be more efficient over a shorter time.

We chose a rotary milking system because we believed that this would give us the highest throughput in the shortest time and the BouMatic dealer was well known and trusted by us.

Since we installed the Xpedia 360EX 40-Stall Rotary we have had magnificent cow flow because of the well designed entry and exit gates on the platform which make it easy for cows.

In the Rotary the cows come to us instead of the other way round and this makes the milking system a safe and comfortable place to work in.

The performance of the new rotary system is very satisfactory, it is fun to work in and one man can carry out the milking quickly and efficiently and we milk up to 150 cows per hour with a good milking routine.

BouMatic Xpedia 360EX 40-stall Rotary with a high level of automation”