Dairy Farm Claus Luerßen

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Achterstraße 1, 27628 Uthlede, Germany

Xcalibur 360EX 50 Stall BouMatic Rotary

Claus Luerßen decided to purchase a new rotary in order to be able to expand his herd for the future development of his farm.  High throughput in a comfortable working environment both for the milkers and the cows were key buying needs for the new milking system.

He decided to purchase a BouMatic Xcalibur 360EX 50 Stall external rotary milking system with the highest level of automation.

The new system was installed with BouMatics latest SmartDairyTM integrated control system including TouchPoint, SmartMeter, sort gates, 2 x StepGuardian and the SmartDairy management software HerdMetrix with integrated parlor performance analysis; the StepMetrix lameness detection system was also installed.

As it is necessary for different reasons, to sort 1 or 2% of the cows after each milking, it is important to have the best possible management support system.  SmartDairy provides the data and analysis to help optimize animal welfare and parlour performance to ensure maximum performance and efficiency on a continuous basis.

The new system, with a milk yield close to 11,000 liters per cow, milks about 800 cows 3 times per day   There are on average 3 people are working in the Xcalibur 360EX carrying out cleaning and preparation, attaching and also checking and post dipping (incl. group changes and additional activities).

“Our expectations have been fully met and milking is perfect with a throughput of 260 to 290 cows per hour. Due to the improved work environment, the operators are motivated. The BouMatic support has been excellent and we have regular continuing online management support from the BouMatic help line service.”