DualFlo Holland

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Roodheuvel Dairy, Fam. Ruessink, Hoogstraat 21, Toldijk/ NL

DualFlo 24/48-unit (1x24) with Indexable Parabone 600 stalls.

A high throughput milking system where one man can milk quickly and gently.

On an average 125 cows per hour are milked at the Roodheuvel dairy unit with average milk production per cow is 9800 kilo /cow.  The average milk flow rate is 1750 litres / hr. and the parlour operates with a strict pre and post routine.

The new BouMatic DualFlo system has stainless steel cabinets protecting crucial components and facilitating easy cleaning.. The system provides a complete solution for Swing-over equipment (Milk meters, QuickStart, data storage, Cow-ID, Sort Gates)

Interview with Henk Ruessink the farm owner

“Milking more than 100 cows in our old double-6 Herringbone was no fun taking 5-6 hours per day. We had a 20 year old milking technology and our strategy was to expand our milk production. Our old system was BouMatic and it had been reliable for 20 years and the local BouMatic dealer has provided excellent service.

We chose the BouMatic DualFlo swingover parlour because we wanted a system where one person could milk many cows.  We also considered the capital cost and the maintenance cost and evaluated that the BouMatic Dualflo was the most cost effective investment. This parlour allows us to expand to 250 cows in the future.”