Gaec Castaing

Posted In: Rotary


65140 Senac (Upper Pyrenees, France)

BouMatic dealer: LABARSOUQUE

Herd information:

90 cows, expansion to 120 cows planned, Prim'Holsteins 10300L.


20/24-stall rotary, with 4400D detachers, Flo-Star MAX. start-up 7 months ago. milking duration 45mn, 1 milker, 2 milkings/day.

Reasons for choosing BouMatic:

  • • best platform for a single milker
  • • possibility to milk from the rear
  • • very low noise level

”Very good access to the udder, relatively calm milking, absence of stress for the whole herd. Low cell count and very few cases of mastitis and therefore increase in production. Approximately 3 hours saved per day. Quality of work beyond comparison with former milking parlor.”