Gaec De L’Herbage

Posted In: Rotary

31 Rue de l'Eglise
88170 Viocourt, France

BouMatic dealer: AGRI-SERVICE ERBA

Herd information:

75 cows, barn with possibility to expand to 120 cows. Holsteins with 10000 kg.


Internal 20/24-stall rotary, with 3220 detachers, milk meters, identification, CowTrakkers, sort gate. 2 milkings/day

Reasons for choosing BouMatic:

  • good product image
  • good dealer image, his proximity

”Very comfortable and calm milking from the rear. Good visibility of udders and good access to teats. Quick milking, saves time. We now have the possibility to expand from 75 to 120 cows while maintaining, or even increasing our productivity, with restrictions linked to quotas."