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Xpedia 360EX Updated with SmartDairy™

SmartDairy™ Identification System Makes Herd Management Easier to Handle

Mr Chapon milks 120 Holstein cows on his 150 hectare farm, 80 hectares of which are set with corn the rest being pasture.

Two years ago, Mr Chapon replaced the old milking system with a BouMatic Xpedia EX rotary system. The BouMatic Xpedia EX was chosen because it suited the future requirements for this farm best.

At that time the whole dairy herd had ISO ear tags for out of parlour feeding. Recently the SmartDairy™ integrated control system was introduced to the market by BouMatic. The new SmartDairy™ package included BouMatic Smart EID electronic identification which is compatible with the ISO ear tags.  Mr Chapon decided that he would upgrade the BouMatic system with SmartDairy™ using the ISO ear tags he already had.

“We opted for this new Smart EID system which can identify cows in the parlour with the same ear tag as the feeding station. We also invested in a sort gate which identifies the cows via ear tags. Now we are using one ISO ear tag to control 3 systems: the feeding station, parlour identification and sort gate. This system is less costly than red tags and much easier to handle.”