Gary Mitchell

Posted In: Internal rotary, Rotary

Stranraer, Scotland

BouMatic dealer: McCaskie Farm Supplies Limited

Herd Size: 300


BouMatic Xpedia 360IX 36/40, Internal Rotary Parlour

Reasons for choosing BouMatic:

When looking to increase his herd size and invest in his farm, dairyman Gary Mitchell had numerous options available to him, including traditional fast exit and swing over parlour systems, as well as more dynamic rotary options often preferred by those with larger or increasing herd sizes.

Having researched parlours available on the market, Gary Mitchell was confident that the BouMatic Xpedia 360IX Internal Rotary was the right system to meet his needs today and for the future; and with the addition of the unique StepMetrix lameness detection system, quite simply the BouMatic Xpedia 360IX ticked all his buying needs:

  • High productivity in terms of litre of milk per hour
  • The only parlour rotary system with inbuilt expandability
  • Financially competitive
  • Robust and high quality
  • Unique features and specification
  • Exceptional cow cluster positioning
  • Comfortable and easy on the cows