Jean Bernard Ronckier

Posted In: Internal rotary, Rotary

6 Chemin des Moeres
59122 Killem, France

BouMatic dealer: Jean CATTEAU

Herd information:

75 Montbeliarde cows, with an average of 8700L, 2 milkings/day


Internal 19/20-stall rotary, with Isolator XPG detachers,

Flo-Star MAX with special Montbeliarde liners.

Reasons for choosing BouMatic:

  • service of the dealer
  • mix of the 2 brands BouMatic and Gascoigne Melotte ensuring an excellent yield

”I transform all the milk, and for reasons of hygiene, I prefer milking in a herringbone. Comfort for animal and operator was one of the most important points for choosing the rotary. ”