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GAEC de la Chapelle des trois Monts
35 Monterfil, France

BouMatic dealer: GROUPE LACTALIS

Herd information:

90 cows, mixed Holstein and Montbéliard herd, 8500L.


External 24-stall rotary, with detacher-meters, start-up 1 year ago.

Milking 90 cows in 50min., 1 milker.

Reasons for choosing BouMatic:

  • very good reputation of BouMatic in our region
  • robust material
  • confidence in dealer Lactalis

”I chose an external rotary because of the entry of the animals and the easy access to the milk room, I'm not locked in. I did not choose a robot because, with this rotary, I can expand to 150 cows without any additional investment. I often receive visitors and always highly recommend BouMatic. ”