Midton Farman

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Craigie, Scotland

Unique BouMatic DualFloTM 14/28 expandable to 18/36.  (1x14 expandable to 1x18) 600  Parabone Swingover Fast Exit System.

When it was agreed that investment in a new parlour at Midton Farm, Craigie, near Kilmarnock, Scotland was needed; farm owners Andrew and Robert Drummond agreed they were looking for a high throughput system allowing them to expand their Friesian herd to close on 300 milking cows over the next 3-years.

After visiting several units and looking at various options, they decided on a BouMatic Milking System and concluded that the parlour that best suited them was a 600 Swingover with fast exit.

“Pound for pound, the fastest and gentlest way to milk your cows”

“We installed the system in May 2009 and since then we have operated it without any problems.  We experienced good cow flow and we now milk at a 124/hour rate with an average milk yield of 7000 litres from our Friesian cows. We considered a rotary as a solution but the initial investment would have been much higher and the service costs would have been over twice that we have for the new BouMatic system.”