Mrs. and Mr. Piquet

Posted In: Rotary

Biterne 22250 Broons, France

BouMatic dealer: SOTEC

Herd information:

120 cows, expansion to 206 Holstein cows planned, over 10 000 kg/cow


26/28-stall rotary, with Flo-Star MAX, Insite+ detachers, identification, sort gate, activity, 1 milker, 2 milkings/day

Reasons for choosing BouMatic:

  • Best price/quality relationship
  • Continuity and confidence in our dealer

”Installation very well finished, professionally done. 100 cows/hour from the 5th milking, better access to the udder due to milking from the rear. VERY good cluster alignment. Good positioning due to mobile gates. Time-saving, comfortable for cows and milkers.”