Ontario Dairy Finds Success with BouMatic® SmartDairy® Activity System

27th January 2017 - Posted In: BouMatic Updates

  Improved cow traffic and excellent cow comfort combined

The SmartWay 90 is a 90° parallel milking system with an innovative rapid exit system, combining the performance and technology of two different BouMatic exit systems: the rotating exit reel (Xpressway parlour) and the vertical lift exit (Xcalibur 90LX parlour). Its major advantage is a remarkably improved cow throughput because unloading times are obviously reduced.
It is the stress-free entry and exit concept that improves the cow throughput. At the end of milking, the operator simply pushes a button to lift the total front rail to its top position, allowing the cows to exit quickly with an open view.  The cows have a large and open exiting space since all sequence gates are mounted directly onto the lifting front rail and, apart from the main support posts, no obstructing ground-mounted posts are in their way. Besides, hesitating cows are gently pushed out when the front rail with sequence gates comes back down and rotates gently into position to load the next cows.
Another great advantage of the SmartWay 90 is the enlarged 29-inch spacing between sequence gates. The cows are placed individually in a perfectly straight position and even the current large breeds move comfortably in this new parlour. On top of that, each stall position is enhanced with shoulder bumpers for the cows’ well-being. Finally, after milking, the sequence gates come back into position silently due to their weight, without the traditional spring mechanism. This also reduces annoying noise during the milking process.
The SmartWay 90’s upper cabinet has an optimized and smaller design, giving the operator a good overall view and an ultimate udder access. He has more head space and stands in an ergonomically perfect, straight position, close to the cow. Besides, the TouchPoint parlour displays are within easy reach.
The ruggedly built, air operated and secured SmartWay 90 parlour comes in galvanized steel, ensuring a long-lasting durability. It will be available at the end of spring 2017 throughout BouMatic’s European dealer network.



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Ontario Dairy Finds Success with BouMatic® SmartDairy® Activity System

3rd June 2016 - Posted In: BouMatic Updates

HandyBrush: robust and durable cow brush

BouMatic cow brushes improve your cow’s health and well-being and consequently her productivity. The BouMatic cow brush is designed and engineered in such a way, that parasites and other vermin are brushed away from the places the cow isn’t able to reach herself.

Give your cows a treat and improve their health

- High quality nylon brush - providing a perfect scratch to the cow.

- Durable & robust -  single brushes with stainless steel core.

- Heavy duty - bearings at both sides of shaft.

- Closed and  solidly protected cabinet.

- Auto start/stop - the brush simply starts turning when the cow touches the brush and stops turning when she leaves.

- Steady brushing  - the brush rotates in the opposite direction after 200 starts to maintain a constant and steady  brushing during the course of time.

- Adjustable to fit your barn needs - the BouMatic cow brush can be mounted on any kind of support and has 3 possible mounting positions.


Ontario Dairy Finds Success with BouMatic® SmartDairy® Activity System

1st October 2015 - Posted In: BouMatic Updates, Press Releases

BouMatic announces the addition of the Flex 70 Evolution to its Magnum Flex series of liners, which is especially designed to improve teat condition and overall milking performance.
The Magnum Flex 70 Evolution has a narrowed mouth piece diameter to tailor a high genetic cow’s teat size better. In addition, the liner body has been redesigned to fit the teat’s shape better and consequently improve the teat massage level. The operator will be able to attach the liner more rapidly and efficiently. Thirdly, the lower part of the liner is enlarged specifically to allow a higher and better milk throughput. These three features improve the cow’s comfort and teat condition considerably. The increased comfort level leads to more lactations per cow and a better milk persistency. Ultimately, milking performance in any milking system will improve remarkably. Like all other BouMatic liners, the Magnum Flex 70 Evolution is available in a vented and non-vented version. The vented version accelerates the milk-out and ameliorates the teat health.

Each liner in the Magnum Flex series (consisting of 4 liner types) has been designed to adapt to a specific style of milking while providing maximum comfort for dairy cows.  The result is better milk let-down in the critical first two minutes of milking and throughout the milking cycle. 

“Magnum Flex liners are engineered with a mouthpiece that protects the teats optimally, and the design includes a tapered barrel with graduated wall thickness for optimum teat massage,” says Johnny Bayart, Milking Expert at BouMatic.  “Our new liners are produced with a new long life compound, enabling better liner integrity and consistent milking performance,” he adds. “60% of the actual herds are already composed of high genetic cows with smaller teat sizes. With the addition of the Magnum Flex 70 Evolution to the product family, we now also have the answer to the need of liners for those target groups.”

“No other liner is more focused on the health of the dairy cow,” continues Bayart.  “Using the right liner is important to milk correctly with a contemporary dairy system and allow the dairy manager to progress continuously and evolve with the future genetics and milking criteria.  Magnum Flex liners hold true to BouMatic’s long standing milking principle: the milking machine should remove the milk from the cow’s udder, gently, quickly and completely.” he adds.

Ontario Dairy Finds Success with BouMatic® SmartDairy® Activity System

24th July 2013 - Posted In: BouMatic Updates

Check out this Progressive Dairyman article in which BouMatic's Ken Vos discusses lameness and hoof care issues faced by dairy farmers, as well as solutions to these issues. In the article Ken states, “My company’s focus on the health and welfare of the cow drives my daily work to fight hoof problems and lameness.”

Ontario Dairy Finds Success with BouMatic® SmartDairy® Activity System

4th April 2013 - Posted In: BouMatic Updates

BouMatic is proud to support Dairy Farmers of America! DFA is the largest U.S. based milk coop with just under 8,700 member farms from which it buys approximately 39 billion pounds of milk. www.dfaleader.com is a new website created to complement DFA's member publication, Leader. Check out BouMatic's banner on the DFA Leader website!

Ontario Dairy Finds Success with BouMatic® SmartDairy® Activity System

23rd February 2012 - Posted In: BouMatic Updates, Press Releases

SmartDairy® Activity, is quickly improving breeding success rates on dairies worldwide.

MADISON, Wisconsin – BouMatic®, global dairy equipment and chemical manufacturer, announced its state-of-the-art cow activity detection system, SmartDairy® Activity, is quickly improving breeding success rates on dairies worldwide.

“Using HeatSeeker™ II electronic motion sensing technology, SmartDairy Activity is a robust, easy add-on module for current SmartDairy Management Systems,” explained Parimal Rajkondawar, BouMatic Brand Manager.

“SmartDairy Activity has been developed to operate in any dairy environment, and utilizes the dairy industry’s newest generation of radio frequency information technology based on ISO protocols,” Rajkondawar said.  And he added, “The positive response we’re receiving from the field confirms our expectations of this important SmartDairy module.”

“Here’s what the owner of a large dairy in Ontario, Canada told us recently,” said Rajkondawar.

“We wanted a complete dairy herd management system with parlor identification (ID), automatic sort and activity monitoring and BouMatic’s SmartDairy Activity Module met all of these requirements,” said Cees Haanstra, owner of Greiden Farms, milking over 600 cows near St. Mary’s, Ontario.

“BouMatic’s SmartDairy Activity Module has not only made our breeding program more efficient, but it has given us a complete parlor management system with parlor ID,” Haanstra explained.  “With the companion SmartDairy Sort Module we can be much more effective with the time management of our herd.  The system has made things easier and more effective.  SmartDairy has saved us time with milk recording DHI, herd health as they are pre-sorted, as well as identifying cows in different groups through the computer herd management program.” Haanstra added.

“It was an easy decision for us to choose BouMatic’s SmartDairy Activity Module since it provides complete management functionality, compared to other systems on the marketing which provide only activity data,” said Haanstra.

Greiden Farms Dairy had been on an OvSynch program for breeding and the SmartDairy Activity Module has reduced the operation’s use of the more expensive and time consuming OvSynch protocols. 

“We are saving time and money by breeding more cows earlier using the SmartDairy Activity data,” explained Haanstra.  “With less time and reduced cost required for OvSynch and with our SmartDairy herd management program, we are seeing positive benefits throughout the dairy.  We recommend BouMatic’s SmartDairy Management Systems to other dairy operators,” he added.

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