BouMatic introduces Magnumâ„¢ Flex 70 Evolution Liner to improve cow comfort and milking performance

1st October 2015 - Posted In: BouMatic Updates, Press Releases

BouMatic announces the addition of the Flex 70 Evolution to its Magnum Flex series of liners, which is especially designed to improve teat condition and overall milking performance.
The Magnum Flex 70 Evolution has a narrowed mouth piece diameter to tailor a high genetic cow’s teat size better. In addition, the liner body has been redesigned to fit the teat’s shape better and consequently improve the teat massage level. The operator will be able to attach the liner more rapidly and efficiently. Thirdly, the lower part of the liner is enlarged specifically to allow a higher and better milk throughput. These three features improve the cow’s comfort and teat condition considerably. The increased comfort level leads to more lactations per cow and a better milk persistency. Ultimately, milking performance in any milking system will improve remarkably. Like all other BouMatic liners, the Magnum Flex 70 Evolution is available in a vented and non-vented version. The vented version accelerates the milk-out and ameliorates the teat health.

Each liner in the Magnum Flex series (consisting of 4 liner types) has been designed to adapt to a specific style of milking while providing maximum comfort for dairy cows.  The result is better milk let-down in the critical first two minutes of milking and throughout the milking cycle. 

“Magnum Flex liners are engineered with a mouthpiece that protects the teats optimally, and the design includes a tapered barrel with graduated wall thickness for optimum teat massage,” says Johnny Bayart, Milking Expert at BouMatic.  “Our new liners are produced with a new long life compound, enabling better liner integrity and consistent milking performance,” he adds. “60% of the actual herds are already composed of high genetic cows with smaller teat sizes. With the addition of the Magnum Flex 70 Evolution to the product family, we now also have the answer to the need of liners for those target groups.”

“No other liner is more focused on the health of the dairy cow,” continues Bayart.  “Using the right liner is important to milk correctly with a contemporary dairy system and allow the dairy manager to progress continuously and evolve with the future genetics and milking criteria.  Magnum Flex liners hold true to BouMatic’s long standing milking principle: the milking machine should remove the milk from the cow’s udder, gently, quickly and completely.” he adds.

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