New BouMatic cow brush available

3rd June 2016 - Posted In: BouMatic Updates

HandyBrush: robust and durable cow brush

BouMatic cow brushes improve your cow’s health and well-being and consequently her productivity. The BouMatic cow brush is designed and engineered in such a way, that parasites and other vermin are brushed away from the places the cow isn’t able to reach herself.

Give your cows a treat and improve their health

- High quality nylon brush - providing a perfect scratch to the cow.

- Durable & robust -  single brushes with stainless steel core.

- Heavy duty - bearings at both sides of shaft.

- Closed and  solidly protected cabinet.

- Auto start/stop - the brush simply starts turning when the cow touches the brush and stops turning when she leaves.

- Steady brushing  - the brush rotates in the opposite direction after 200 starts to maintain a constant and steady  brushing during the course of time.

- Adjustable to fit your barn needs - the BouMatic cow brush can be mounted on any kind of support and has 3 possible mounting positions.


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