Ontario Dairy Finds Success with BouMatic® SmartDairy® Activity System

23rd February 2012 - Posted In: BouMatic Updates, Press Releases

SmartDairy® Activity, is quickly improving breeding success rates on dairies worldwide.

MADISON, Wisconsin – BouMatic®, global dairy equipment and chemical manufacturer, announced its state-of-the-art cow activity detection system, SmartDairy® Activity, is quickly improving breeding success rates on dairies worldwide.

“Using HeatSeeker™ II electronic motion sensing technology, SmartDairy Activity is a robust, easy add-on module for current SmartDairy Management Systems,” explained Parimal Rajkondawar, BouMatic Brand Manager.

“SmartDairy Activity has been developed to operate in any dairy environment, and utilizes the dairy industry’s newest generation of radio frequency information technology based on ISO protocols,” Rajkondawar said.  And he added, “The positive response we’re receiving from the field confirms our expectations of this important SmartDairy module.”

“Here’s what the owner of a large dairy in Ontario, Canada told us recently,” said Rajkondawar.

“We wanted a complete dairy herd management system with parlor identification (ID), automatic sort and activity monitoring and BouMatic’s SmartDairy Activity Module met all of these requirements,” said Cees Haanstra, owner of Greiden Farms, milking over 600 cows near St. Mary’s, Ontario.

“BouMatic’s SmartDairy Activity Module has not only made our breeding program more efficient, but it has given us a complete parlor management system with parlor ID,” Haanstra explained.  “With the companion SmartDairy Sort Module we can be much more effective with the time management of our herd.  The system has made things easier and more effective.  SmartDairy has saved us time with milk recording DHI, herd health as they are pre-sorted, as well as identifying cows in different groups through the computer herd management program.” Haanstra added.

“It was an easy decision for us to choose BouMatic’s SmartDairy Activity Module since it provides complete management functionality, compared to other systems on the marketing which provide only activity data,” said Haanstra.

Greiden Farms Dairy had been on an OvSynch program for breeding and the SmartDairy Activity Module has reduced the operation’s use of the more expensive and time consuming OvSynch protocols. 

“We are saving time and money by breeding more cows earlier using the SmartDairy Activity data,” explained Haanstra.  “With less time and reduced cost required for OvSynch and with our SmartDairy herd management program, we are seeing positive benefits throughout the dairy.  We recommend BouMatic’s SmartDairy Management Systems to other dairy operators,” he added.

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