Calf Feeding System

A complete range of Stand alone systems to prepare and deliver fresh milk portions to calves based on electronic identification.

Stand alone for Raw milk only, for milk powder only or combi machines with both possibilities.

Complete range depending on the number of animals from 25 to 80 calves.

Possibility to combine drinking stations with concentrate feeding

  • Calf feeding close to natural conditions
  • Flexible conditions adaptable to each individual animal’s needs (Composition, concentration, quantity)
  • Possibility to dose additives (powder or liquid) in a very accurate and efficient way
  • 1 mixer for all calves but each calf on its turn
  • Possibility for progressive and automatic adaptation to the milk for young calves
  • Easy cleaning with automatic cleaning programme and automatic detergent dosing
  • Real time control of each individual calf
  • Complete calf rearing management system
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