Cow Traffic

Commercial Farm

With some commercial farms operating between 12-24 hours per day and with herd sizes often exceeding 500+ cows, it is good to know that BouMatic have the experience and capabilities to ensure your farm is supplied with the latest in milking parlour technology and also supported by our network of highly trained technicians and dealers.

Our parlour equipment is designed with the farmer in mind and is produced to the highest standards ensuring the quality and robustness required with milking installations.

Our commercial farm solutions, encompasses a range that offers systems that are semi to fully automated, with maximum throughput capabilities, herd management software and efficient milking.

Traditional/Family Farm

Family farms, means family values and a BouMatic Milking parlour offers the most efficient and cow friendly solution for your herd.

With family farms milking anywhere up to 500 cows 2-3 times a day, it is important your parlour meets throughput requirements, delivers the service you require and gives you value for money.

Our range of parlours for family farms are designed to fit any budget and range from small parlour solutions to larger, fully automated systems. Built to BouMatic’s high standards our equipment is built to last and can be adapted to allow for future extensions and updates.