Dari-Vac Regulators

Dari-Vac Regulators

Efficient, quiet and sensitive–all the features you and your cows need in a vacuum regulator.


The Dari-Vac™ regulator is a product that fits the BouMatic Principle: "The milking machine should
remove the available milk from the cow's udder... gently, completely and quickly."

The vacuum regulator is an integral part of the milking system. As the dairy industry changes, efficiency matters more and more. The Dari-Vac’s near 100% efficiency can help meet your goals by minimizing air consumption and avoiding unnecessary over-sizing of vacuum pumps.

  • Consistent vacuum level
  • Quick response
  • Near 100% efficiency
  • Remote sensing up to (33 ft./ 10 m)
  • Easy-to-clean and reusable foam filters

Sensitive & Quick Response

The Dari-Vac servo pilot valve is mounted near the receiver, allowing it to be sensitive to vacuum changes that cows feel. The main valve controlled by the servo pilot valve opens and closes with changes in vacuum levels. It is mounted remotely allowing for a quieter work environment for the operator.

Maintenance Friendly

Dirty or poorly maintained regulators can lead to mastitis and reduce profits. Regulator maintenance,
including filter cleaning is important for optimal vacuum system performance. The snap out filter holders and reusable foam filters make cleaning the Dari-Vac quick and easy.

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