Flo Star MAX

Flo Star Max ® The new gold standard in milking

Simply put, the goal of every dairy operator - regardless of size – is improved milkability. The FloStar MAX® is proving to be the ultimate tool in so many important areas to help dairymen achieve that goal. It will take your dairy operation to a new level of efficiency and profitability.

Impediments to Superior Milking. The obstacles are easy to identify:


The FloStar MAX addresses all of these limitations and more.

Faster, Higher Performance Milking

The MAX can simply handle more milk. The revolutionary and patented X-Crossed inlets direct milk flow down the walls of the MAX into the sloped bottom half which directs the milk to the outlet area. This in combination with the centre divider and the patented hooded outlet keep the milk from pooling, which helps reduce the effects of back-jetting. The internal capacity of the MAX is over 11.5 oz (340 ml), making it one of the largest capacity claws on the market today. Even the highest producing cows cannot flood the MAX. Quick evacuation provides higher average vacuum levels in the MAX. It has been proven that faster milking cows give higher yielding lactations.

Less Squawks, Reduced Liner Slips and Fewer Unit Fall-Off

The X-crossed inlets of the MAX feature a unique front-to-back direction vs. traditional angled inlets which point toward each other. So the MAX stays aligned for even weight distribution. It doesn’t matter whether the cow has a wide udder, narrow udder, or uneven teat placement you will have reduced liner squawks, reduced liner slips and reduced chance of fall-off. In addition, when you combine the MAX with BouMatics unique pulsation air fork, the pulsation air hoses remain inboard of the shells to further reduced under cow profile and liner twist.

Lightweight, Easy to Handle

The MAX is the lightest claw on the market at 12.5 oz (350 mg). That leaves a higher percentage of total weight in the shell and liner - and closer to the teat - where it’s needed. The MAX also uses a 5/8” hose compared to the traditional 7/8” hose, dramatically reducing the over weight even further. This weight reduction combined with the MAX’s low bowl design allows the unit to fit comfortably in the hand. All of this helps reduce fatigue during long milking shifts.

Good Visibility

The MAX is constructed from the latest approved dairy resins that are transparent. For the first time you can actually see the milk flow inside the claw.

Rugged, Durable Construction

The MAX’s resin construction means that it is also ideal for the toughest day in and day out use. The MAX is even stronger than many stainless steel claws, withstanding up to 7,200 lbs of force. That’s why we guarantee the MAX for two years against breakage.

Experience - Milking to the MAX

Ask your BouMatic dealer for a MAX demonstration on your dairy. See for yourself why the FloStar MAX® is setting a new gold standard in milking.

The MAX delivers

“After we started using the MAX, our flow rates went up and our on-unit time went down. There is a more stable vacuum because the milk hits the divider inside and the unit instantly gets rid of the milk.

Our somatic cell count dropped 32,000 in 3 weeks after we installed the MAX units.”

Keith Schaefer
Evergreen Acres Dairy
St.Martin, ON

“We started using the MAX a year ago. There is definitely less slippage and fewer squawks. The milkers like them because they are lighter. You can see that they hang better and milk outs are more even especially with cows with uneven udders.”
Pete Gelber
Alliance Dairy
Trenton, FL

Milks 4,000 cows in a Double 35 & a Double 24
“We have seen reduced slippage and a better fit on cows especially the ones with a wide front udder. There are fewer air leaks and we really like it that we can easily observe milk flow.”
Allardus Nauta
Destination Dairy
Woodstock, ON

Milking in a Double 6

“Our primary reason for switching to the MAX was milk flow visibility. There is also less slippage and milk out times are a little faster. Our somatic cell counts and cases of mastitis are lower, too.”
Harnen Waterlander
Waterlander Dairy
Dublin, TX
Milking 425 cows in a Double 14 Parallel 3X

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