GM 3000

Dairy Herd Management Software

Real Time Data Processing via the GM 3000 Controller (Milking, Feeding, Activity, sorting, etc.)

Milk Production Potential Analysis (SPP)

Ration Feeding Efficiency Evaluation (SPP Analysis)

Optional Extras: Herd Inventory, Fertility, Veterinary costs, Interface and communication

Herd Management software - Basic guidelines for the software development

  • Integration of different systems (On farm data processing and outside communication)
  • Optimal use of the data (No double entries, less mistakes)
  • Reduce and simplify the administrative work of the farmer
  • All the Organizations dealing with the farmer may have access to the necessary information (Consulting version)
  • Quality of the data and of the database (Consistence et Independence from human factors)
  • User friendly for the farmer
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