Isolator XP ®

Isolator XP® - Optimal milking and take-off per cow

Every dairy farmer acknowledges the importance of an optimal milking process. This starts with the cluster being attached, the proper development of milk flow and ends with the correct removal of the cluster. Controlling this entire process on the specifics of each individual cow improves cow comfort and benefits udder health. The Isolator XP® from BouMatic offers the modern dairy farmer the possibility to optimise the control during all phases of the milking process.

Quick Start

Simply by lifting the cluster the milk vacuum will be started. Depending on the farmer’s preference this can be adjusted with a delay from 0-5 seconds. After this pre-adjusted time the set vacuum level and pulsation ratio will be activated. During the first two minutes of the milking the milk flow will be measured.

Milk Flow Stimulation

With the help of the milk flow stimulation option for the Isolator XP® stimulation occurs for those cows with delayed milk let down.

This programmable option functions during 30 seconds. In this time the frequency of the pulsation is increased, either with or without a combined change in the rest and milking phase. When the stimulation process is done, normal milking at the centrally set parameters will start.

Milking Phase

The frequency and pulsation ratios during the milk phase will remain as programmed. If a milk cluster is kicked off during milking, the kick-off facility will be activated and the vacuum will be closed off immediately. Intake of any dirt is therefore prevented.

End Phase

Once the milk flow rate has reached the pre set take-off point the Isolator XP® has the unique ability to optimise the take-off moment to suit each cow. As soon as the set flow rate for the take-off decision has been reached, the vacuum under the teat ends is shut off and the pulsation stops. Subsequently a programmed delay between the vacuum shut-off and the teat cup removal ensures that the cluster is removed as gently as possible thus ensuring an “udderly correct” way of removing the cluster.

A comfortable milking process for the dairy farmer is also ensured by the use of the Isolator XP®:

  • Milk clusters are removed automatically from their jetters when starting the milking
  • One handed control by simply lifting the cluster which starts the vacuum and pulsation
  • Automatic kick-off detection shutting off the vacuum and picking up the cluster
  • Milksweep or removal of the last milk in the long milk hose
  • At the end of milking, time can be saved while waiting for the last cows to finish. Removed clusters can be put into their jetters while others finish milking



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