Magnum™ Flex Liner Series - Performance and Flexibility

Advancing the Science of Milking cows with BouMatic’s Magnum™ Flex Liner Series

Healthy cows and improved milking system performance are hallmarks of BouMatic’s heavy duty Magnum Flex liner series.

No other liner is more focused on the health of your cows and your milking style. Designed to ft your cows and deliver top performance with flexibiliy on any milking system, patented Magnum Flex liners deliver consistent, even milk-out from quarter to quarter, milking after milking, day after day.

Liners are the single, critical point of contact between your cows and your milking system. Their impact on your bottom line can’t be overlooked. Use the liner that has the best design for your herd and your milking preferences – the Magnum Flex from BouMatic.

Patented Magnum™ Flex Liner Series are Engineered for Maximum Milkability™

  • Patented design reduces mouthpiece vacuum and results in better comfort for the cow and faster milkout
  • Tapered barrel with graduated wall thickness for optimum and progressive teat end massage
  • Special ribbed barrel for improved liner integrity and consistent milking performance
  • 22 percent more rubber with special long life compound optimized for 2400 milkings

A Liner to Fit your Style of Milking

  • Magnum™ Flex 40 – Reduced slips with lower claw vacuum settings
  • Magnum™ Flex 50 – Faster milk-out for higher milking performance
  • Magnum™ Flex 60 – Fastest milk-out with minimum unit on-time and optimum milking performance

Magnum™ Flex Delivers

  • Milking duration from 4 to 6 minutes
  • Residual milk between 250 and 450ml.
  • 50 percent available milk in the first 2 minutes
  • Milk flow ate - Faster is better

The Magnum™ Flex Liner Series optimization Process

The new Magnum Flex series optimizes your milking performance with the most secure process for your cows and for your milk production.

BouMatic Milking Philosophy

GENTLY - Milking with the comfort and well-being of the cow in mind

QUICKLY – Effective udder preparation for fastest milk let-down

COMPLETELY – Remove all of the available milk the cow produces at each milking.

The Patented Magnum™ Flex Liner Series - only from BouMatic

Advancing the science of milking cows, the new Magnum Flex series hold true to BouMatic’s long standing milking priniciple: Remove the available milk Gently-Quickly and Completely.

  • Reduced liner slips
  • Faster milk-out
  • Milking duration optimized
  • More complete milk-out
  • Fit a wider variety of teat sizes and shapes
  • Patented, heavy duty conception
  • Available with patented Jet-Vent™

The Magnum Flex liner series gives dairy operators a liner that is designed for their milking style and performance goals.

Expect top milking performance from your cows with a liner that is right for your vacuum settings. Ask your BouMatic Dealer about the Magnum Flex liner series today.

What Magnum™ Flex Users are Saying...

“We installed a 2x8 Xpressway in 2000. Following the installation of Magnum FLEX liners in Octobre 2009, our production increased from 29Kg to 32Kg on average per day and per cow. Without any changes to our herd management.”

Gaec de la Gendrotaie, Plélan-le-Grand, France

“We installed Magnum FLEX liners on our 2X5 Herringbone at the end of 2009. Before that date, we had had a lot of liner slips. Installation of Flex liners helped to reduce this problem by 95%.

Earl des Riperies, Retiers , France

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