New: Magnum Flex 70 Evolution Liner

Improve your cow’s comfort and milking performance with Magnum Flex 70 Evolution

Health, comfort, speed - these 3 key features of the Magnum Flex 70 Evolution  improve the cow’s comfort and teat condition considerably.  Ultimately, milking performance in any milking system will improve remarkably.

Due to its inventive design, the Magnum Flex 70 Evolution has an increased comfort level which leads to better milk persistency and a longer productive lifespan.
Like all other BouMatic liners, the Magnum Flex 70 Evolution is available in a vented and non-vented version. The vented version accelerates the milk-out and ameliorates the teat health.

The Magnum Flex 70 Evolution has a narrowed mouth piece diameter to tailor a high genetic cow’s teat size better. In addition, the liner body has been redesigned to fit the teat’s shape better and consequently improve the teat massage level.

The operator will be able to attach the liner more rapidly and efficiently. Additionally the lower part of the liner is redesigned specifically to allow a higher and better milk throughput.

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