Magnum MX™ Liners

Magnum MX™ Liner Series - Choosing the right liner just got easier

Liners That Fit Your Herd. BouMatic has created a new standard for liner design. The Magnum MX Liner Series makes finding the right balance between liner slips and milking speed an easy choice.

The Magnum Liner Series is the easiest, smartest choice for progressive dairy producers.

  • Helps reduce liner slips
  • Faster milking
  • Better milkout
  • Heavy-duty and high performance
  • Less twisting in the shell

The Design Is The Difference

You have the choice to select from three precisely calibrated liner options for optimum milking performance. Each Magnum MX liner in our Magnum 300MX through 500MX series looks the same on the outside but is different on the inside.

Why does a liner design make a difference?

The liner is the heart of the milking system. No other part of the milking machine has a greater effect on milk harvest performance. The liner mouthpiece, the liner barrel, the liner support structure…they’re all integrated for optimal milking performance.

  • Some liners milk faster, but tend to slip more.
  • Some liners slip less, but tend to milk slow.

How do you know which liner provides the best balance of less slippage and more milking speed for your herd?

The BouMatic Magnum liner series makes it an easy process. This series is a progression of liners designed for you to adapt and change as your milking procedures or management styles allow.

  • Magnum 300MX will have fewer slips than Magnum 500MX.
  • Magnum 500MX will milk faster than the Magnum 300MX.
  • Magnum 300MX is best for lower system vacuum levels.
  • Magnum 500MX is best for higher system vacuum levels.

The Magnum Mouthpiece

The lip thickness of the mouthpiece varies from liner to liner. The mouthpiece helps keep the unit on the cow.

  • The Magnum 300MX liner, for example, has the thickest mouthpiece lip and thinnest barrelwall; while the Magnum 500MX liner has the thinnest mouthpiece lip and the thickest barrel wall.
  • Thicker, more rigid mouthpiece lips reduce slips, but can reduce completeness of milking. Thinner, more flexible lips give the most complete milk out.
  • The mouthpieces of all Magnum liners result in good performance, but the lower-number end of the series emphasizes fewer slips, and the higher-number end emphasizes more complete milkout.
  • The Magnum mouthpiece design creates improved contact area between the liner and the stainless steel shell.
  • The improved contact area between the liner and the stainless steel shell helps keep the barrel from twisting in the shell while placing it in and out of jetter cups during washing.

The Magnum Liner Barrel

As the liner opens, the skin of the teat expands with the opening liner, allowing milk pressure in the teat in combination with claw vacuum to open the teat canal. The liner must be almost open before milk flow can begin.

  • The wall thickness of the liner barrel changes from liner to liner. The Magnum 300MX has a thinner barrel wall, while the Magnum 500MX wall is thicker. Thickness affects the speed of the liner opening and closing – affecting milking speed.
  • Thinner less rigid barrel walls can operate under lower vacuum, but don’t milk as rapidly as thicker barrel walls.
  • The barrel of all Magnum liners offer good performance; however, the higher-number end emphasizes milking speed.

Three Vertical Ribs

  •  The ribs around the exterior of the Magnum liner barrel help the liner maintain its tension and integrity over the life of the liner.
  • This unique rib design helps to reduce the ballooning that can occur after repeated milkings where the barrel wall is thin. Ribs are under tension when the liner is installed in the shell. This tension helps the liner open rapidly, resulting in faster milking.
  • Flexible rings on the short milk tube help to reduce puncturing of the liner by the claw nipple.

It’s All About The BouMatic Milking Principle:

The milking machine should remove the available milk from the cow’s udder… gently, completely, and quickly. Our patented Magnum MX liners are high-performance liners engineered for gentle, complete, and quick milk removal.

Gentle – Shortening the milking time may actually be the real definition of gentle milking.

Complete – Expect high performance, complete milkout with a liner “right” for your vacuum levels that balances liner slippage vs. faster milking.

Quick – Prep the udder effectively and don’t expose the teat to long periods of high vacuum — at the beginning or at the end of milking — for better teat condition and faster milking.

Unique features of Magnum MX Liners

  • A patented progression in the lip thickness of the mouthpiece – and the rib supported wall thickness of the barrel – helps predict changes in liner slips and milking performance. You choose what works for your herd.
  • Improved mouthpiece contact area to keep liners from twisting : a twisted liner compromises pulsation, proper teat massage, and milking speed.
  • Ribs on the outer barrel wall to help maintain liner tension and integrity.
  • Heavy-duty structure : 22% more rubber in the Magnum liner than our other premium liners.
  • One size fits all BouMatic claws.
  • These liners provide exceptional durability during entire life cycle of the liner. Magnum MX liners are made from a unique long life rubber compound, resulting in a life expectancy of up to 2400 milkings.

Where to use the Magnum MX

  1. Herds with larger teat sizes.
  2. Dairies accustomed to European type medium bore liners.
  3. Dairies accustomed to using thin walled liners.
  4. Dairies expecting long life from their liners.
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