Milk Pumps & Receivers

3A Receiver

High-tech and robust, the stainless steel unit is available in the following models:

60l, 85l, 120l, 135l, 170l & 225l

  • Customised welded milk inlet from 2” to 4”
  • Tangencial Milk outlet 1,5 to 2”
  • Vacuum port 3 to 4” welded and designed for ferrules connection.
  • Perfect interior visibility with clear removable lid.
  • Heavy duty S/S receiver panel

Complete range of Stainless Steel milk pump

1HP, 2HP, 3HP

  • High duty pump with high milk flow rate
  • Automatic drain valve vacuum driven.

ISO receiver

  • Horizontal stainless steel receiver with adaptable milk inlet from 2” to 3”.
  • Easily installed without the need for an additional pit .
  • Clear sanitary trap with recycled washing circuit.

Milk pumps range from 0,5HP to 1HP with the possibility to fit 2 milk pumps if required.

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