Milk Pump Speed Control (OptiFlo)

Opti-Flo™ III Milk Pump Speed Control

Save energy, cool milk faster

The new BouMatic Opti-Flo III is designed to deliver the "optimum" milk flow to a plate cooler, to achieve the maximum cooling the plate cooler is capable of delivering. Unlike systems that use the standard "on-off" milk pump control, the BouMatic Opti-Flo III delivers a steady, gentle, constant flow of milk to your plate cooler. This optimum flow rate allows the milk to spend more time to get cooled in a plate cooler than the conventional slugging action of a milk pump that is allowed to turn on and off during milking. Instead of your plate cooler trying to cool a series of short, high velocity bursts of milk, the Opti-Flo III averages the milk flow into an optimum, gentle continuous flow that will allow maximum cooling to take place in your plate cooler:

An Opti-Flo III will increase the cooling efficiency of your milk pre-cooling system without adding bulky equipment that is expensive to install and maintain.

The BouMatic Opti-Flo III controller:

  • Can run on either 1-phase or 3-phase input power
  • Uses any 1 hp, 2 hp or 3 hp 3-phase milk pump motor
  • Can be used for any size milk receiver
  • 208-240V or 380/460V units available
  • Will maximize the cooling capacity of any plate cooler
  • Can be easily retrofitted into existing receiver
  • Has easily adjusted slow optimum speed to match every parlour or pipeline, and can be changed to meet changing conditions
  • Can increase the efficiency of your present or new pre-cooler by 10% to 60% or more. (More cooling capacity may be necessary to achieve maximum plate cooler efficiency when a chiller is used.)
  • All components are laid out for greater accessibility and ease of installation, adjustment and servicing
  • Indicators to verify when the control and milk pump are in operation
  • Uses standard BouMatic receiver float switches
  • Sealed stainless steel enclosure protects controller and components for long life
  • Designed for use in automated dairies. Designed not to interfere with ID systems, etc.
  • CE and CSA approved
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