Parabone GT2

“Parabone” - a Herringbone style Rear Milker

  • A stall for rear milking in a herringbone configuration with a platform width of 2m
  • BouMatic has designed it
  • BouMatic has built it
  • The ideal thing to fit out a narrower building, whether new or old, with a rear-milking parlour, to milk well positioned cows quickly and gently

The “Parabone” Stall:

  • Rear milking
  • Cows positioned at 60°, stall spacing 762 mm
  • Angled rump panels
  • Fix adjustable or indexable brisket rail
  • Suspended stall, pieces bolted together, hotdip galvanized construction with solid, size 60 mm support arches
  • Entrance and exit gates operated manually or by automated vacuum or air operation
  • Platform 2 m wide, total width 6 m for a double herringbone configuration

Fixed and adjustable brisket rail.

Indexable brisket rail: by swinging it out of the way along the wall, cows leave faster and more easily.

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