Parlor Companion Milk Yield Indicator

Cow-Side Tools

When you invest in detachers, consider the advanced detacher features and simplicity of the Parlor Companion Milk Yield Indicator (MYI). With the introduction of the very first electronic detacher in 1974, BouMatic has built upon success – producing products that just get better and better. Our focus is to build detachers that follow the BouMatic principle of removing the available milk from the cow’s udder...quickly, gently and completely.

The Parlor Companion MYI builds upon this pioneering technology by providing milk yield indication, milk temperature and conductivity indication. These cow-side tools are now available for the dairy producer who values simplicity over the benefits of a complete ProVantage Dairy Management System.

...Is milk production increasing or decreasing after the last feed ration change?
...Is the production for cow 85 increasing?
...When should I dry off cow 251?
...Cow 65 isn’t eating much, is her temperature up?
...How long is it taking to milk cow 21?

All these questions, and more, are thought of every day, every milking. Wouldn’t it be helpful to have answers real-time, right now? The BouMatic Parlor Companion MYI can help answer those questions, every day, every milking by providing the needed cow-side management tools.

Milk Production

By monitoring milk production it is possible to:

  • Determine the impact of a feed ration change for the herd.
  • Determine if the cow’s milk production is increasing, level or decreasing.
  • Monitor milking times per cow, watching for possible milk-out problems.
  • Monitor changes in the herd when procedural changes are implemented.

Milking Time

By monitoring the milking time it is possible to:

  • Identify slow milking cows.
  • Assess cow prep procedures.

Milk Temperature

By monitoring milk temperature within the milk yield indicator, it is possible to:

  • Set a maximum temperature threshold for the herd.
  • Be alerted to the cow whose milk is exceeding the maximum temperature threshold.
  • Determine the environment’s impact on a cow’s milk temperature and how it effects her milk production.


Conductivity can be an indication of somatic cell count. If the conductivity measurement is low, the display will indicate normal. If the measurement rises, an attention alarm displays. Note: Do not treat a cow based solely on this indication. Base your treatment decision on more accurate testing.

Programmable Features

Programmable features are easily set through the Parlor Companion MYI interface. These features include:

  • Language
  • Unit of Measurement
  • Detach Flow Rate
  • Detach Delay
  • Maximum Milking Time
  • Conductivity Delay
  • Let-Down Delay
  • Vacuum on Delay
  • Retract Delay
  • Sweep Delay
  • Sweep On Time
  • Claw Drop
  • Claw Lift (available with Herd Companion)
  • Calibration Factors
  • Average or Peak Temperature
  • Alarm Temperature
  • Invert Solenoid Operation

The Parlor Companion MYI gives the tools necessary to help make cow-side management decisions that could otherwise lead to problems that could go unnoticed or untreated until it is too late.

Herd Companion

A Herd Companion is the perfect "Companion" to every Parlor Companion MYI detacher system. This optional control can interface to the Parlor Companion MYI’s within the dairy and collect valuable herd or group information. The Herd Companion provides some of the tools available in a complete ProVantage Management System, using a simple control that can be mounted in the Parlor or in the Office.

Along with Parlor Management information, the Herd Companion has a claw lift feature that is used to raise the milking claw at an adjacent stall.

Current Milking Data

Current milking statistics are displayed for all completed cow milkings.

These statistics include:

  • Average Milk Yield
  • Total Milk Production
  • Cows Milked
  • Cows Per Hour
  • Prep Indication

Wash Monitoring

The Herd Companion can place all Parlor Companion MYI’s into wash mode and monitor key wash parameters including:

  • Detacher Status
  • Peak Wash Temperature
  • Hot Water Duration

Virtual Meter

The virtual meter mode displays the current milking status and alarms for any Parlor Companion MYI. This feature allows operators to monitor the milking status at any detacher from an office or other remote location.

Milking History

A history of the milking statistics is stored and assessable for monitoring parlor trends or reviewing recent performance history.

The statistics include:

  • Average Milk Yield
  • Total Milk Production
  • Cows Milked
  • Cows Per Hour
  • Prep Indication


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