Perfection 3000 (3020, 3220, 3420)

Perfection 3000 Milk Meter - Are you listening to what your cows are saying?

Your cows have a lot to tell you, and what they tell you has everything to do with your profit margin. After all, you want to be the first to know exactly how much milk each cow is producing at every milking, since that directly affects your bottom line. Which is why it’s so important you have the right tools to listen to your cows. A great tool for listening is the Perfection 3000 milk meter from BouMatic. Like most milk meters, it accurately measures milk production. But the Perfection 3000 milk meter, as part of the ProVantage Integrated Management System, does so much more.

The benefits of milking with a milk meter

A milk meter’s primary function is to measure the milk production of each individual cow, each time you milk. That information can help you spot deviations in an individual cow’s milk production, which may help you detect early health or feeding problems. With the big picture in mind, you’re in a position to make the best, and most informed, management decisions.

Simple design means durability

The Perfection 3000 milk meter operates with a diaphragm assembly that uses vacuum and atmospheric air exchange rather than a motor. Because there is only one moving part, there is less to wear out. That keeps maintenance low and expenses down.

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