HiFlo™ Evolution

The Evolution of Pulsation™

Today you are witness to another industry milestone. A purebred is born with a bloodline as deep as the modern dairy industry itself. Decades in the making, the course of history is about to change once again with the new HiFlo™ Evolution pulsator from BouMatic®.

Durability, reliability and easy maintenance are only the beginning of the HiFlo™ Evolution story.

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TL Pulsation

12 Volts pulsator with high vacuum rate suitable for cow, goat and sheep milking. Ranges from 45 to 180 pulsations/mn

  • Simple running
  • Reliable
  • Controlled with electronic board or individually from the XP detacher.
  • Cost effective, can be used for one or two clusters and up to 4 for sheep and goats.
  • Need air filtered fresh air.
  • Easy installation
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