New: SmartLite detaching system

Detach smart, improve comfort & performance

Highly Accurate Detaching

The innovative SmartLite detacher system is designed to manage 4 milking points with one single control unit. It uses a very accurate resistance sensor to measure the milk flow.  This special sensor has a wide measuring range which provides you with the flexibility to set the minimum milk flow for detaching the milking cluster from low (under 250g/mn) to high flow rates (above 1000g/mn), aligning it perfectly with the BouMatic high-flow concept.


SmartLite offers you:

Simplicity and Convenience

Simply by lifting the cluster the QuickStart features starts the milking process for you. Other functions such as START/STOP and MANUAL/AUTOMATIC are operated with a single button.

Clear Milking Status Information

Bright, multi-coloured LED’s inform you of each milking phase. With the highly visible SmartLite LED buttons you have an instant overview of the milking status at each stall and can react to any challenges that may arise. The intuitive use of colour is also a great tool for training new milking staff.


  • SmartLite works with the BouMatic shut off valve range for new and retrofit applications but is also compatible with most existing installations using electric milk resistance sensors.
  • SmartLite easily adapts to various parlour configurations. Whether you’re using vacuum or compressed air to operate your system, the SmartLite will work for you.
  • SmartLite is easy to install. The control unit can be easily mounted onto the metal frame of the stall or under the curb. Special patented waterproof plugs simplify the cabling and maintenance operations.

The choice is yours: Standalone unit or network integration

All control units are networked and exchange data. When needed, input boxes can be connected to the network. With a PC connected to the network, the complete parlor can be set at once without extra tools. Once information is entered in the network, it is shared with all the other components. Connecting switches (safety, gates, vacuum, etc…) is safe and simple.

You choose:

Standalone:  once configured, the PC can be taken away. SmartLite runs easily as a standalone unit, offering you a smart detacher.

Networked:  leave the PC connected and run the SmartLite Management software. All  information generated by the components connected to the network can be displayed and stored, in real-time, on the computer in chronological order. This provides you with even more information to improve the efficiency of your milking routine and ultimately cow health and comfort.


The optional SmartLite Management  PC software provides data that is key to your individual management needs such as: milking event records, milking routine feedback and milking time and alarms. You can share historical data with third parties like veterinarians or advisors and even follow each cow’s milking phase on the screen. This gives you a better understanding of your milking routines and enables you to improve your overall milking performance.

SmartLite Management Software:

  • Records all milking events
  • Provides you with feedback on milking routines, milking time, alarms and milking details.
  • Stores historical data for trend analysis and to share them with third parties (consultants, veterinarians, etc…).
  • Generates reports for further milking routines analysis (milking duration, preparation time, etc…).
  • Follows each cow’s milking phases in real-time on the screen. Milking and events can be displayed on the PC screen. Reports can be generated to help understand and refine the milking routines.
  • Improves your overall operation: combine SmartLite with other (available) network parlor functions in order to get more accurate information on your routines and improve your operation’s efficiency, reliability and eventually your cow’s comfort and health.


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