Herringbone - Xcalibur 3640 - 4440

Excalibur! Engineered for speed and efficiency.

An innovative herringbone featuring a revolving exit gate and imbedded intelligence to maximize parlour productivity and profitability.

Exit-Reel – the revolving exit gate takes command of the stall exit and reloading cycle to maximize productivity and parlour throughput. The operator touches the 'exit' button then steps to the entrance lane while the Exit-Reel:

  1. Begins rotating, “leading” cows from their stalls.
  2. Pauses at mid-turn to allow cows to walk forward.
  3. Resumes rotating, gently “ushering” cows away from the stalls and opens the stall entrance gate after it completes the turn. The operator is already in position to begin reloading stalls.
  4. Alternative Exit Choices: All-Exit “tilt-up” and economical Fastlane™ exiting system.

ZipAttach automatic hose support arm – Automatically aligns the milk hose to milking unit as teat cups are being attached, then maintains hose alignment during milking there-by eliminating 20% of the attach routine process.

Excalibur is Exceedingly Sanitary!

Patented elevated sanitary troughs – Sanitary troughs are built into the rump panel, right where cows need it! When put to use, the trough is in the line of fire - not someone standing nearby.The elevated sanitary trough eliminates the need for floor grates so cows can stand more calmly on solid flooring. JetterCurb – Excalibur features robust fold-down jetter doors integrated within polished stainless steel curbing. The integrated jetters conserve space and reduce clutter.

Excalibur! Imbedded intelligence to maximize parlour productivity.

Imbedded parlour-productivity intelligence at each milking stall – Select ParlorMetrix controllers to analyse milking routine productivity or choose ProVantage controllers with milk meters for comprehensive cow and parlour performance information.

Optional folding-Arm hose support – Stainless steel articulating arm with counter balanced vertical adjustment provides versatile unit positioning and superior reliability.

  • Stall and rear rail in 4" polished Stainless Steel
  • Automation features (meters/detachers) integrated with the stall for improved professional finish
  • HEAVY-DUTY construction, 3x8" crossbeams
  • Jetter trays integrated with the platform
  • XPRESSWAY rapid exit and reload system
  • Exclusive, innovative BouMatic design, 4" tube to drain slurry
  • Rump-light integrated at each milking point
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