Tauer Dairy

Rubrique: Stalles parallèles

Herbert Tauer & Family

Kamnten, Austria

Herd Size: 75 Holstein Friesians

Installation: 1x10 90LX, Flo-Star® MAX milking claws, Magnum® Flex 50 liners, ParlorMetrix automation, 4400 stainless steel air cylinder detachers, Guardian Supreme washer, BlueMax dairy chemicals

Dealer: Andreas Garaf

The Tauer family chose BouMatic for its American-made equipment and the family is extremely impressed with the rugged quality and durability of their BouMatic products. Herbert Tauer is a strategic and influential dairy operator in his area of Austria and many neighbors have adapted some of Herbert’s practices with his advice and recommendation. The Tauers’ leadership in their area of Austria is strongly demonstrated by his vision for long range growth and new technologies. Herbert plans to expand his dairy to a 2x10 in the coming years.