What BouMatic Means to You

Turn innovation into productivity – at every milking

In the final analysis, this is what BouMatic means to you: It is a powerful synergy of technology, products and services to help dairy producers make a profit. It is a deep knowledge of the dairy industry's past, an awareness of its present and a sense of its future. Whether you're big or small, building a new facility or expanding your existing operation, BouMatic understands your challenges … as your dairy business provider, we were here in the beginning and we'll be here for the long haul.

We operate through a group of skilled, knowledgeable local dealers. They have the product knowledge and the expertise to help you in your planning process. That's because they know the technology, they know the dairy business and most importantly, they know how to listen to you. As our eyes and ears in the field, they are a critical resource in our ongoing process of innovation and service to you.