BouMatic Launches New SmartDairy Feeding Module

3rd May 2012 - Posted In: BouMatic Updates

Madison, Wisconsin—BouMatic, a global leader in the design, manufacture and supply of high quality milking systems and dairy equipment, announces the release of their new SmartDairy® Feeding Module for Out-of-Parlor and In-Parlor Feeding.

BouMatic’s New SmartDairy Feeding modules utilize the industry’s latest software and RFID technology to deliver a robust system that helps dairy producers feed their cows more easily and efficiently.  The newly re-designed fiber resin trough provides easy access for cows and the system is ISO ear tag compatible, allowing dairy producers to use current RFID systems to manage their feeding program.  This can be a significant cost savings for dairy operators.

Both the SmartDairy Out-of-Parlor and In-Parlor Feeding modules are powered by the SmartDairy network controller and are compatible with BouMatic’s broad-range RFID tags.  With SmartDairy Feeding, dairy producers can now use either ISO RFID ear tags or BouMatic HeatSeeker II activity tags for identification at the feeder.  HeatSeeker II tags allow cow activity to be read at each feeding station, offering producers even greater flexibility in managing cow activity on their dairies.

The user-friendly SmartDairy Feeding software has multiple features that can help dairy producers customize their SmartDairy Feeding modules to fit their operation.  The Out-of-Parlor Feeding Module can be programmed to provide up to four feed types, while the In-Parlor Feeding Module will deliver up to two feed types depending on the style of parlor and detachers being used.

BouMatic’s SmartDairy Management System is built on a modular concept that provides dairy owners the option to start with desired modules and expand into a complete dairy management system as their operations grow.  The new SmartDairy Feeding Modules are the latest in the line that can help create the ultimate dairy management platform.  Best of all, SmartDairy will integrate into any size dairy using any brand of milking equipment.

BouMatic is a leader in development of innovative products for dairy operators throughout the world, ranging from cow traffic systems, milk harvest equipment, automation and management systems, milk cooling systems, dairy hygiene, and sanitation technologies.  The company serves dairy operators in over 45 countries, and employs over 300 people worldwide, with global headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin, USA and European headquarters in Remicourt, Belgium.  For more information go to:

John R. Mansavage
Director, Global Marketing Communications

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