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8th June 2016 - Posted In: BouMatic Updates

To offer the best milk every day, Canadian dairy farmers have excellent standards and practices. Dairy Farmers of Canada and members initiated the development of proAction to show how farmers responsibly produce milk. With proAction, farmers offer proof to customers that they work to ensure milk quality and safety, and to continually improve animal health and welfare as well as environmental stewardship. (To visit the proAction website, click here

As a global leader, BouMatic is dedicated to ensuring that dairy farm producers have the ability to produce the highest quality milk most efficiently, profitably and responsibly. 

BouMatic also recognizes the importance of training technicians to ensure milking machines are in good working order. It is only through the skill of the technician that careful and intelligent equipment design will bring optimum performance to the dairy farmer. BouMatic dealers are offered detailed instruction to enhance their knowledge and understanding of the equipment they install and service. From entry-level technicians to the most seasoned, valuable skill-building courses are available to instruct and expand their understanding on all the critical aspects of our milking systems; enabling them to ensure the highest standards of milking system performance. 

Please review the list of certified BouMatic dealerships in Canada who are able to provide excellence in service and support. 

If you have any questions, please contact:

Kira Andersen

BouMatic- Milk Quality Solutions

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