AirStar DSL

Improving a Quality Product with Proven Design

AirStar DSL

  • The AirStar DSL continues BouMatic’s tradition of providing innovative products to the dairy industry.
  • Every AirStar DSL vacuum pump is manufactured in an ISO 9001 certified facility.
  • Each AirStar DSL is individually tested to meet rigorous performance standards.
  • AirStar DSL vacuum pumps are supported by a worldwide dealer network of experienced sales and service professionals.

Innovative Features & Benefits

  • Oil lubrication on both gear and drive ends eliminates grease lubricant requirements.
  • Engineered air gaps provide cooler operating temperatures for improved pump life.
  • Spherical roller bearing on drive shaft helps to increase capacity for overhung load by as much as 30%.– Provides greater allowance for misaligned drives, and extends pump life
  • Cylinder mass provides unmatched strength and rigidity allowing tighter clearances for increased efficiency.
  • Improved timing method = improved reliability. – Easier and more cost effective to tear down and rebuild
  • Will fit existing AirStar vacuum pump stands with simple modifications.
  • The BouMatic AirStar DSL Warranty. – 24 months from the date of invoice

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