Front End Conversions

Front End Conversions
Heavy Duty Conversion Systems

The BouMatic Front End Conversion package can update any existing parlor to a stronger, more robust system. The most economical way to breathe new life into old, inefficient parlors and increase both cow comfort and traffic.

Elevate your parlor to the next level.

  • Cow safety – BouMatic design removes troublesome sequencing gates posts that can obstruct cow flow
  • Cow comfort – The open exit design is more inviting, putting your cows at ease resulting in higher productivity
  • Reduces maintenance costs – Puts an end to downtime and repair costs from broken sequence gate posts
  • Extends parlor life – Fiscally intelligent alternative to replacing older parlors
  • Fast installation – Preassembled components minimizes disruption to milking routine
  • High quality – Engineered for rugged dependability

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