Gladiator Super Dry

Gladiator Super Dry is BouMatic’s new safe and ready to use dry cow teat sealant. Based on advanced skin care polymer technology, it safely and effectively sanitizes, seals, and protects dry cow teats for 4-7 days as part of a complete dry cow mastitis prevention program. The alcohol based system quickly and safely sanitizes the teats while chlorine dioxide provides proven, broad spectrum anti-microbial protection. Chlorine dioxide’s germicidal efficacy is much greater than that of Triclosan (used in competitive formulations). Gladiator Super Dry is the only dry cow teat sealant on the market formulated with chlorine dioxide.

Gladiator Super Dry’s bright blue color is easy to spot. Gladiator Super Dry is also formulated with Aloe and Vitamin E, providing extra teat conditioning during the dry off period. Gladiator Super Dry is designed for use at the dry off and during the final 7-10 days prior to calving. Applying Gladiator Super Dry at the dry off protects teats from infection and helps to prevent quarters from leaking milk.

Cows that have leaking quarters 3 days after dry off are susceptible to new infections. Gladiator Super Dry helps combat leaking quarters thus, preventing new infections.

Reapplying Gladiator Super Dry prior to calving will protect the teats from infection as the cow prepares for calving. Remember, leaking quarters are very susceptible to new infections. Gladiator Super Dry protects these open teats and greatly reduces the risk of the cow freshening with mastitis.

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