GT2™ Parabone milking system

The GT2 Parabone combines the best of herringbone and parallel stalls in an economical parlor solution. Compact 30-inch stall spacing and parallel-stall-style udder access provides efficient milking from the side or between the rear legs.

The GT2™ Features

  • Cow-friendly contour rump panel - Available in stainless or galvanized steel
  • Adjustable brisket rail placement - Telescoping brisket rail support arms and rump rail support arches enable “custom fit” installation
  • Bolt together construction - Provides quick, economical installation and eliminates potential rusting around weld
  • Configurable to meet your needs and your budget - Available with stationary or indexing brisket rails and manual or air operated entrance and exit gates
  • Rear milking parlor in herringbonestyle configuration
  • Available in sizes 2x3 to 2x36
  • Optimum cow positioning
  • Rear milking in a robust 2 inch herringbonestyle stall system
  • Open space without divider gates for rapid cow movement
  • Air option for entrance and exit gates can be automated for operator efficiency
  • Designed for cows, while providing efficient protection for milking crew and equipment

Additional Features and Options

  • Brisket rail with dividers - Provides ideal cow positioning
  • Indexable brisket rail - Swings out of the way for fast, easy cow exiting
  • Brisket rail with feed trough - For optional in-parlor feeding
  • Angled, custom-fit rump panels - Protects milking crew and equipment
  • Optional DualFlo™ Swing Over System - Ideal for DualFlo Swing Over installations up to 2x36


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