Magnum M

Advancing the Science of Milking Cows with BouMatic’s Magnum™ M Liner Series

Healthy cows, improved system performance and higher yields are hallmarks of BouMatic’s heavy duty Magnum M liner series.

No other liner is more focused on the health of your cows and your milking style. Tailored to fit your cows and deliver top performance with any milking system, patented Magnum M liners deliver
consistent, even milk-out from quarter to quarter, milking after milking, day after day.

Liners are the single, critical point of contact between your cows and your milking system. Their impact on your bottom line can’t be overlooked. Use the liner that has the best design for your herd and your milking preferences – the Magnum M from BouMatic.

Check out our video on the benefits of vented vs non-vented liners!

Patented Magnum™ M Liner Series are Engineered for Maximum Milkability™

  • Patented mouthpiece design reduces mouthpiece vacuum and results in fewer teat rings and faster milkout
  • Tapered barrel with graduated wall thickness to fit different teat sizes and optimize teat end massage
  • Special ribbed barrel for improved liner integrity and consistent milking performance
  • 22 percent more rubber compound for longer life and reduced liner twisting

A Liner to Fit Your Style of Milking

  • Magnum™ 400M – Fewer slips for lower claw vacuum setting
  • Magnum™ 500M – Faster milk-out for higher average claw vacuum settings
  • Magnum™ 600M – Fastest milk-out with minimum unit ontime and high claw vacuum settings.

Independent Tests Prove Magnum™ M Series Liners...

  • Deliver higher peak milk flow rates
  • Require less unit on-time
  • Deliver more milk in the first 2 minutes of milking
  • Are 1.8 times less likely to cause ringing on teats
  • Require an average 1.2 in. Hg lower mouthpiece vacuum
  • Are 3.6 times less likely to cause teat discoloration

Dairy operators throughout the world are finding Magnum M liners from BouMatic are improving production and maintaining optimum udder health in their milking herd.

The Patented Magnum™ M Liner Series -Only from BouMatic

  • Reduced liner slips
  • Faster milk-out
  • Minimum unit on-time
  • More complete milk-out
  • Fit a wider variety of teat sizes and shapes
  • Patented, heavy duty construction
  • Available with patented Jet-Vent™
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