On-Farm Blending

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On-Farm Blending


What you want, how you want it!  Blend teat dip right on your farm and save space by using concentrates.  Never run out of high quality, fresh BouMatic teat dip; you can even make a new batch for each shift!

Hygiene concentrate blending system.

  • Save space - Using concentrate takes up less floor space than ready to use product

  • Control - Blend what you want, when you want it, how you want it - enjoy the freedom of your own blends

  • Fresh product - With BouMatic's On-Farm Blending Unit, you can blend a fresh batch whenever you need it

  • Iodine or Peroxide - You decide!  This system will blend the highest quality of either kind of dip


Check out our video on the On-Farm Blending!


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