Pulse MD

Pulse MD™

Maintain Peak Performance

Let Pulse MD monitor your parlor performance and rest easier knowing you will be alerted to key issues. Pulse MD provides assurance that your system is working correctly – every milking on every cow!

With the Pulse MD monitoring your vital parlor heath statistics, you have a built-in VIP service technician 24/7/365.

  • Highly visible LED alarm – Alerts the operator to potential issues
  • Pulsation performance reports – Obtain pulsation graphs on every stall for peace of mind
  • Parlor service reporting – Will highlight problems lasting longer than 2 minutes right to that exact stall
  • Pulsation graphs – Software will graph the current reading of the pulsator, showing all phases of the pulsation curve and providing averages
  • Parlor efficiency – Improves efficiency by alerting when service is required
  • 24/7 monitoring – Peace of mind knowing that pulsation, milking units, hoses, air tubes and liners are all being monitored

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