Detach Smart, Improve Performance

The innovative SmartLite™ detacher system is designed to manage 4 milking points with one single control unit. It uses a very accurate resistance sensor to measure the milk flow. This special sensor has a wide measuring range which provides you with the flexibility to set the minimum milk flow for detaching the milking, aligning it perfectly with the BouMatic high-flow concept.

The SmartLite™ detacher is simple and convenient and will improve comfort and milking performance.

  • Clear Milking Status Information – With the bright, multi-colored LED button you have an instant overview of the milking status at each stall and can react to any challenges that may arise.
  • Economical – Design has one control unit for every 4 milking points
  • Accuracy – Resistance Sensor has a wide measuring range with the flexibility to set the minimum milk flow for detaching the milking cluster from low (under 250g/mn) to high flow rates (above 1000g/mn)
  • Simplicity and Convenience – Single-button operation for functions such as Start/Stop and Manual/Automatic; by just lifting the cluster, QuickStart activates to start the milking process for you
  • Compatibility – Works with the BouMatic shut off valve range and detacher cylinders for new and retrofit applications
  • Easy Installation – The control unit can be easily mounted onto the metal frame of the stall or under the curb


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