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Madison, WI (September 8, 2014)


As some of the world's finest dairy cattle step foot into the New Holland Pavilions at World Dairy Expo, the cows will be milked in an ultramodern new parlor system.  For more than 30 years, BouMatic has provided the milking equipment set-up and service for World Dairy Expo through continuous technology evolutions.


"BouMatic is very honored to be such an integral part of the world's biggest dairy event," stated Troy Esser, product support manager.


While cattle numbers keep growing at World Dairy Expo, BouMatic makes on-going efforts to increase the capacity of the show's milking center.  Their priority is to allow convenience and flexibility for the dairy exhibitors.  The new milking area has increased by six stalls - going from a double 9 to a now, double 12.


The stall type remains very similar to the previous design with a single cow walk-up.  This allows for exhibitors to move in and out of the milking center at their own pace without disrupting the milking process for other exhibitors.  The stall type is a custom design and works well for the application of individual cows with individual milking personnel.


New features to the milking parlor include an enhanced stall system.  The milking equipment compartment between the milking sides has been widened to three feet.  This will keep cows farther apart (head to head) and allow space to position all the milking system piping and equipment below the main stall railing.  The milking equipment compartment will be enclosed with shrouding to protect the cows and equipment from each other.


BouMatic strives for the milking session to be convenient, efficient and comfortable for both the exhibitor and the cow.  Cow comfort is top priority to World Dairy Expo exhibitors.  Therefore, stall size has been increased to allow better vision lines.  Because cleanliness is also every important at the show, stall cleaning will be more convenient and faster than ever.  Milking system components are built into customized cabinets to maintain sanitation and a polished looking milking facility.


"The primary goals are always to milk cows quickly, gently and completely, but we also want the environment to be friendly and inviting for the cows, exhibitors and visitors," Esser said.  "Exhibitors and cows are under enough stress during the show so we want the milking experience to be simple, relaxing and stress free."


The facility will be outfitted and maintained with the latest equipment, including many that are energy efficient.  Milk coolers have been updated with new high capacity, highly efficient refrigeration systems to handle the impressive milk flow rates from some of the best, high performing cows of the world.  The milking system contains consistent systems to ensure that there is never any down time during the weeklong event.


As the new milking center is introduced at the show, the milking equipment and process will remain the same as in past years.  Each stall includes a Flo-Star Max claw with Magnum M liners, HiFlo Evolution pulsators and SmartControl milk meter connected to BouMatic's SmartDairy control system.  Milk data is collected for every individual cow and exhibitor.


"We're always looking for ways to adapt new technologies to the World Dairy Expo milking center, to add more convenience and information to the milking experience," Esser said.  "The milking parlor is centrally located with an enhanced spectator viewing area."


The milking facility will be open to the public during the show, with opportunities for personal tours.  As producers review the facility layout, they may discover solutions for their own facility.  They can observe cow flow, equipment placement and system functionality.  Identification cards will also be placed on primary equipment.


On your own dairy

When building a new parlor there are many factors to consider and no two dairies have the same requirements or objectives.  The BouMatic Dairy Solutions parlor-planning process takes into account over 50 key points.  These solutions will support decisions when looking to choose the milking facility that is right for your dairy.  Partnerships are an important factor to consider when building a new dairy facility or remodeling an older parlor.  BouMatic dealers are trained in system design, installation and service.


"It's not just about selling a system and walking away," Esser noted.  "We look at every system sale as a lifetime commitment for service to insure that the equipment is not only installed correctly, but that it continues to work at peak operating performance for life of the parlor."


In 2014, BouMatic celebrates 75 years of helping dairy farmers harvest milk gently, quickly and completely.  The company serves dairy operators in more than 45 countries and employs 400 people worldwide.  Its global headquarters are in Madison, Wisconsin, USA.  To learn more about BouMatic, please visit:  http:www.boumatic.com.

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