Reguladores BouVac™

High efficiency BouVac™ regulators are available in three ValuPack assemblies or as a bare regulator. Each ValuPak assembly includes one or more air filtration assemblies with replaceable filter element(s) and a Dealer Installation Kit. Installation Kits include the PVC fittings required to mount the regulator assembly to a PVC line in the recommended configuration. Installation Kit components are Dealer assembled.

  • Offer a vacuum regulator matched to any vacuum system size from 500 L/Min to 10,000 L/Min (18 Cfm/Min to 360 Cfm/Min).
  • BouVac vacuum regulators incorporate a “servo” design capable of holding vacuum level set points with +/- 0.4 kPa (0.1 in. Hg) during milking unit attachment regardless of the number of milking units being used.
  • The extremely fast BouVac response time of 50 msec assures that large system disturbances are controlled quickly.
  • The BouVac vacuum regulators are the heart of your milking system so reliability and consistency are critical.
  • Designed with few parts to fail or cause problems, BouVac vacuum regulators are simple to clean and assemble for easy routine maintenance.
  • Adaptors for European installations are available


8584192 - BouVac 5000  


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