Tratamiento del Agua

Water Intake and Cow Comfort

For every liter of milk produced a cow needs to drink at least 3 liters of water. Sustain your milk production level by making sure her water is pleasant. 


Livestock Water Treatment

Restore the Natural Flavor of Your Livestock Drinking Water with H2Oxy™ and Help Maximize Milk Production

  • Increases Milk Production and Profits!
  • Restores the natural flavor of your livestock's water so your cows drink more
  • Reduces Iron, Hydrogen Sulfide (rotten egg smell), and other trace elements that reduce water consumption
  • Saves time and labor when cleaning your water tanks

Premium Livestock Water Treatment for Your Dairy Cows

Maximize Production and Increase Profits

Water that carries an unpleasant smell or flavor may be more than just a simple annoyance for your cows. If your cows are not drinking their appropriate daily water volume, you could be losing milk production. Always makes sure clean and fresh water is easily accessible to all your cows. If you don't want to drink the water in your barn, neither do your cows.

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